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Samoens Red Bubble Tour du Cou, Neck Warmer, Built in Mask

Integrated Masks / Neck Warmers HAVE ARRIVED!

They've proven very popular and for the 21/22 ski season masks will be required on the lifts and while waiting in the queues.

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These are comfortable, warm and almost impossible to lose. The "tour de cou" hangs out around your neck and when needed, just pull it up and hook the straps over your ears.

Perfect stuffing in the Christmas stockings of the skiers, boarders and fans of Samoens, in your life. These fit into a large envelope and can be sent to the UK (or anywhere else).

NEW! Front Zip Vintage Bubble Hoodie

By request from a fan -- a Vintage Red Bubble Hoodie in Red, Black and Grey with the iconic "red bubble" imprinted in white.