The idea of creating clothing and accessories with our iconic Le Criou (one of the Septimontain) has been in my mind for a while. I'm a photographer, not a graphic designer and I've been toying with how to turn my original photographs into something more, well, wearable - et voila! The original was the Cyzlar Cycle Jersey. A gift to my lovely husband. Friends saw it and wanted their own. It's been a labour of love and learning and what you're now seeing is the result of months of trial and error. We're getting there.

If you've been to Samoens and the Giffre Valley you know it's a special place. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming, the vistas are beautiful and the skiing, cycling, hiking and walking are superb. 

When we learned that the original 1973 Vercland lift was going to be replaced there was a collective groan in the valley. Tiny, uncomfortable and well-loved, the Red Bubbles or Oeufs Rouges were symbolic of a simpler time and village and Le Criou dominates our "skyline". While Le Criou isn't going anywhere, the Red Bubbles were auctioned off earlier this year and most have left the valley for new homes.

You can still own a piece of history. Get your own Red Bubble shirt, hoodie or coffee mug. Everyone's welcome here.